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Fulgent AI for MetaStock


While some companies claim to use Artificial Intelligence to find trade ideas, the Fulgent AI Engine produces true AI powered stock trading signals based on true AI techniques utilizing Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms continuously advanced over 20 plus years of research and development.

Fulgent AI measures hundreds of indicators and cross-market measurements over long term historical stock market data to produce accurate AI powered trading opportunities. Dive deeper into the Process to learn more about how Fulgent AI finds great trade ideas.

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Powerful Market Strategies

The Fulgent AI – Stocks strategy suite is included with Fulgent AI for MetaStock.

Four AI Strategies are included:

  • Major Market Reversals
  • Classic Swing Trades
  • Quick (3-Day) Moves
  • Volatility Breakouts

Major Market Reversals – This AI Strategy was trained to identify those unique times when a stock is oversold and other forces, including cross-market indicators provide evidence of a strong move. Wide, intelligent stops are used to capture as much profit as possible.

Classic Swing Trades – This AI Strategy looks for classic “Reversion” Swing Trades. The intelligent exits establish Stops below the lows of a move and look to take profits on the upper boundary of a Swing.

Quick (3-Day) Moves – This AI Strategy was trained to maximize profits 3 bars after the Entry. This makes a great strategy for active traders looking to trade the very quick explosive moves that often happen when volatility increases.

Volatility Breakouts – This AI Strategy was trained to find “Volatility Breakouts” - potential moves indicated by unusually high volatility in the direction of the breakout. These kinds of trades typically run for several bars before hitting resistance. The Strategy employs a moderate Trailing Profit Exit to encourage trades to reach their “apex” before signaling an Exit.

See it in Action

We have yet to find a System that performs better than Fulgent AI.

If you are looking for actionable Trade Ideas, look no further than Fulgent AI.

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”Fulgent AI for MetaStock”
A 12-Minute Video by Ed Downs

Simple by Design

The Expert Advisors explain each AI powered signal and show where the Stops from the strategy are placed on each bar. Because four different AI Strategies are included, traders have an AI powered target-rich environment to trade.

Fulgent AI provides clear, actionable AI powered signals without the need for interpretation using additional indicators. MetaStock users can leverage their success with other Add-Ons by confirming Signals from Fulgent AI with techniques they are familiar with.


To the right is a System Test of Fulgent AI versus five alternative Systems in the MetaStock platform. Fulgent AI was by far the best performer. We have yet to find an AI powered system that outperforms Fulgent AI.

If you are looking for actionable trade ideas, look no further than Fulgent AI

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System Test of Fulgent AI vs. five Systems in MetaStock

The metastock - fulgent relationship

Ed Downs, Founder and CEO of Fulgent Technologies, has a longstanding relationship with MetaStock dating back to 1990. At the time, Ed’s entrepreneurial endeavors included building DOS based automation utilities for MetaStock that helped the platform find the best trading systems and signals.