Fulgent’s Exclusive AI System
for the Indian Stock Market

FT Stocks IN is a specially trained A.I System for the Indian Stock Market that works with FT Stocks from MetaStock.  The System was Trained on over 15 years of data on the “Nifty Fifty” (.NSEI) and “BSE Sensex” (.BSESN) indexes.

All Stock Markets are different, which is why it’s important to use A.I. that is trained specifically on the market you are trading.  This targeted training has resulted in unprecedented accuracy on the Symbols in these lists, as well as other tickers in these markets.

Incredibly Accurate

Recent NSE Charts tell the story…

Daily Examples

About Fulgent A.I.

To some people any Trading System created with a computer is A.I. Fulgent A.I. is REAL A.I., based on a Genetic Algorithm that has been refined over 20 years since its first release. Learn about the history of Fulgent A.I., how it works, and why it’s the best A.I. system available to traders.

How to Buy

Purchasing and installing FT Stocks IN is easy.

• Subscribe to the FT Stocks A.I. System at MetaStock.com
• Click Below to purchase the FT Stocks IN Add-On from Fulgent A.I.
• Easy Installation Instructions - Up and Running in Minutes
• Free Tech Support included (phone, email, Discord channel)

Pricing for FT Stocks IN

Introductory Pricing . . . $1,495 U.S.
* Special Through June 30: $995 *
Annual Updates (Optional) are just $295

Fulgent’s Money
Back Guarantee

Fulgent AI stands behind its products.  Try FT Stocks IN for 30 days.  If you are not thrilled with the Signals and performance of the Add-On, contact Fulgent for a full 100% refund.

You Can Trust Fulgent AI, by Nirvana Systems, Inc.

Nirvana Systems, Inc. was founded in June 1987 for the specific purpose of advancing automation and Artificial Intelligence for Traders. Fulgent.AI was launched to take Nirvana’s A.I. to traders around the world. Fulgent has been providing the FT Stocks platform for MetaStock since June 2019.