The Fulgent AI Process

Fulgent AI finds profitable patterns in market data.

It does this by measuring hundreds of indicators and inter-market relationships over up to 20 years of market data.

All Training is performed in a Training Period.  During this period, as profitable setups  are identified with more than 100 occurrences, they are saved as "Rules" in the Knowledge Base.

For example, the AI may determine that when the following conditions are true, a trade was profitable 75% of the time in the Training Period:

  • Above 50 period Moving Average
  • 7-Period RSI below 10
  • Volume Decreasing
  • Engulfing Line Pattern
  • General Stock Market Bullish
  • Price at a 50% Pull-Back Zone

There are an infinite number of possible combinations - more than a human could ever make sense of.